Our Mission

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Unlike Cornerstone, most of our competitors are under intense pressure for sales and commission quotas.  Unfortunately, this can cause them to lump their clients into a "one size fits all" financial plan.  They don't often take into account your entire financial picture before making recommendations.  Their recommendations are generally few, and usually come in the form of high commission products.  They may even try to entice you into picking individual stocks as an investment strategy.   Rest assured if your financial advisor is recommending a stock picking strategy, it's designed solely to generate ongoing transactions and commissions.  All this creates a conflict of interest that can be very hazardous to your wealth! 

We are different than most of our competitors, and it's very important that clients understand exactly what our Mission is.  Why are we in this business?  To help answer that question, here is a simple macro outline of our Mission statement:

  • To eliminate the conflict of interest that exists between most Client / Financial Advisor relationships.
  • To ensure you know exactly where you are heading with your entire Financial Plan.  If you don't know where that is, you might wind up someplace else! 
  • To identify your needs and concerns in all components that make up your financial blueprint. 
  • To be your manager and liaison to all parts of your financial puzzle. 
  • To monitor your financial plan regularly through the use of our "Wealth Analyzer".  And make ongoing adjustments due to changes in the information from our semi-annual financial checkups.
  • To manage your investment portfolios with an emphasis on proper asset allocation.
  • To ensure your investment portfolios are being managed at the proper risk level that coincides with your retirement goals.  
  • To ensure your annual savings are sufficient to reach your retirement goals. 
  • To help save you valuable time from your busy schedule. 
  • To offer the lowest fees for managing investment portfolios.
  • To offer a more in depth approach to managing your entire financial picture. 
  • To help save you money while managing all areas of your financial affairs.

In addition to our Mission Statement, we've identified what we consider to be an Ideal Client.  Although all clients are as different as a fingerprint, there are some similarities that many of our clients possess.  This doesn't mean you must fit this mold exactly to work with us.  This is just a general guideline.  To learn more, please click here.