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Mailing Address:
David T. Coleman, Jr.
Cornerstone Investment Advisors, Inc.
P.O. Box 780
Alpharetta, GA  30009-0780

Phone Numbers:
(678)  534-8300  Office Phone
(866)  820-2581  Fax

DTColeman @ aol. com


Charles Schwab & Company, Inc.

(800) 515-2157   Customer Service

You can also access your accounts online with Schwab's Online Account Access.  Once you register for online account access, you can sign up to receive e-statements and e-confirmations on all your Schwab accounts.  This will cut down on paperwork you receive in the mail.  And by signing up for electronic statements and confirmations, you'll also get lower trade commissions.  However, you must sign up for both e-statements and
e-confirmations on all your accounts to receive the discounted trade commissions.