The Wealth Analyzer

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Our "Wealth Analyzer" is the foundation from which your personal financial goals and needs are identified.  It's an in depth questionnaire that covers every aspect of your financial puzzle.  We designed it to dissect your financial imprint into separate parts for further study.  It's a complete and thorough investigation of all the components that make up your entire financial picture.  Each of our clients has different goals, issues and needs which must be addressed.  We've designed our Wealth Analyzer to identify each client's individual financial fingerprint. 

We use our Wealth Analyzer to gather all the pertinent information that goes into a productive financial plan.  And while it may involve significantly more time and effort for new clients, it leaves virtually no stone unturned.  We've found most of our clients' financial pictures and goals are in a constant state of change.  And we take advantage of our semi-annual meetings to pinpoint those changes, which helps us make any necessary recommendations or adjustments.

The Wealth Analyzer is not designed solely to help manage your investment assets.  It's designed to help with your entire Financial Plan, and assist in developing strategies to help you achieve all your financial goals!  In areas where we lack experience, we lean on other professionals to help with proper planning and guidance.  While helping you reach your financial goals is very important, we also strive to save you time and money in all aspects of your financial affairs.  We are your personal coach, and the Wealth Analyzer helps us call the correct plays!

Even though the Wealth Analyzer covers most areas of your financial picture, some of the more common ones are:

  • Identifying the details of your Retirement Goals
  • Pinpointing the results of your Risk Profile as it pertains to investments
  • Making sure your Retirement Goals match your Risk Profile
  • Analyzing your Budget and Savings goals
  • Confirming your annual savings are enough to reach your retirement goals
  • Making sure your Risk Profile matches your current investment allocation
  • Managing Investment Accounts
  • Help save you money in areas like Home/Auto/Health/Disability insurance
  • Estate planning needs
  • Saving for children's education
  • Taxes & Tax Planning
  • Mortgages
  • Real Estate Sales and/or Investments
  • Many other areas that are unique to each client

The Wealth Analyzer will help aim your financial ship in the proper direction from the beginning.  And it will also help you reset the sails as your situation changes.  It puts the reality in your face, and takes the "guess work" out of planning for your retirement.