Ideal Client





You basically have two options when it comes to managing your investments and financial affairs.  You can do it all yourself.  Which is "not" the type of client we're looking for.  Or you can find an advisor to help you manage everything.  If you want someone to help you manage everything, then you could be an ideal client for us.

While this is not a requirement, our typical client has a net worth of $250,000 or more, and investment assets totaling $100,000 or more.  We work with both individuals and business owners.  

Our clients generally have more needs than just managing their investment portfolios.  They rely on us to be their liaison to all other areas that makeup their financial plan.  In areas we lack the experience or knowledge, they allow us to call on other professionals to step in and address any needs.

Our ideal client does not measure our relationship a success or failure by investment performance alone.  The stock market can go through times of lackluster performance, or even losses.  And our clients generally have patience and a long term outlook on their investment portfolios. 

Our ideal client does not care to make their own investment decisions, and typically relies on us to make the investment decisions on their behalf. 

Our ideal client is more interested in proper asset allocation and diversification.  And since we primarily use indexes when managing investing portfolios, our typical client has no interest investing in individual stocks.