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Cornerstone Investment Advisors, Inc. is a Wealth Management company helping clients manage all aspects of their personal investments and finances.  We serve as your liaison to all issues relating to your financial well being.  We are here to help simplify your financial picture, and save you time and money in dealing with your financial affairs.  Cornerstone has been in business since 1994. 

One of our primary roles is managing investment portfolios on a discretionary basis for investors in need of professional portfolio management.  We cater to those investors who don't want the responsibility of managing their own investment portfolios.  And because each of our clients has different risk tolerances and expectations, we customize each portfolio to match individual needs and circumstances.  We manage investment portfolios for Individuals and Businesses. We manage Taxable Investment Accounts, Retirement Accounts and Company Retirement Plans. 

In addition to managing your investments, we use our "Wealth Analyzer" on a regular basis to help identify any areas of your financial picture that require further attention.  The "Wealth Analyzer" is an in depth questionnaire that covers all aspects of your financial affairs.  And since financial pictures can often change, we meet with our clients on a regular basis to review any changes to their "Wealth Analyzer".  Based on our findings, we may call in other experts to help deal with any important issues which need to be addressed.  We will also work with any preferred professionals that you currently have good relationships with. 

We work strictly on an asset based fee, which is determined on the value of your entire investment portfolio.  We don't get paid commissions based on transactions.  Nor do we accept any kickbacks from other professionals that we may refer clients to.  This eliminates any conflicts of interest, and puts us on the same side of the table with our clients.  Too many investors allow commission sales reps to manage their investment affairs.  This can be hazardous to your financial well being.  And we aim to eliminate that disadvantage for all our clients!